Hello and thanks for stopping in. I am thrilled that you are here!

This blog is an extension of my Etsy shop. Here you will find freebies like coloring pages, bookmarks, gift tags and more. It’s a way to say “thank you” for supporting me. I recently had to quit my job as a nurse. I have been battling chronic Lyme disease for a long time. It is so much easier to work from home and rest when needed.

The Etsy shop started very slowly. I wanted to pass the time at home so I started drawing. My drawing just sort of “took over.” A few people, including my hubby, encouraged me to do something a little more with it. I originally wanted to offer note cards but I started making Christian printables. Soon I was making coloring pages and color-your-own bookmarks as well.  It seems that when I make something, I want it to center around God’s word.

My life has been forever changed and molded by God’s word. I hope that no matter what you are looking for – card or coloring page – that you will be drawn closer to the God of the universe who loves you so much!


I have a super supportive husband, one daughter, and two cats. One of my cats is drawn to my painting. Either she wants to walk all over it, drink my paint or she has been known to deliver my paint brushes across the room for me – as if they are gifts. A few quirky things about me – I like to listen to my music in order, not shuffle. I am always cold. I change my blog constantly, and I like lots of white space. And quite honestly, I would rather talk about anything else than me!


My work space is a humble corner in the bedroom. Things are so simple here. I do everything on a budget and I have fun making things work on a dime. I use an old version of Photoshop Elements, Lightroom for my photos, GIMP, Inkscape and PicMonkey. You don’t need to be rich to enjoy art or design.

I hope that you’ll find some inspiration here or enjoy the freebies. I’d love if you could sign up for my monthly newsletter. I don’t like to clutter up your email because I don’t like mine to be cluttered up either. Sign up and receive a 20% coupon for my shop, download four bookmarks, and receive shop discounts that only email subscriber receive. 🙂


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